Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Eat Local Challenge!

Hi Everyone!  Bet you've missed me and all our zucchini!  Well you are in luck - sort of.  I'm back to blogging this week, and with less zucchini this time (but still a little bit). 

This week marks the Salt Lake City Eat Local Challenge!

I am pretty sure that other cities have this challenge as well, but usually a bit earlier in the growing season.  I signed our family up for the challenge this year, attempting to use 75% or more local ingredients (mostly produce) in our dishes this week.  With our community garden in full swing, I don't think this should be too difficult.  In fact, the only thing I've really done differently is buy a different brand of milk (non-organic, but from a local dairy claiming to use no added hormones/antibiotics).
So here's our thought for the week ahead:  Let's eat local!  If not locally grown, then let's go for local small business. 
Good luck to us - follow along to see how we do!

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