Sunday, September 23, 2012

State Fair

Does food from the state fair count as local?  I'm counting it.  And while I guess it is local, what we ate was very NOT healthy.  (but delicious!)

Last week we visited the Utah State Fair.  While it was a perfectly nice fair - lots of vendors, shows, crafts, etc.  After growing up with the Florida State Fair year after year, the Utah fair seemed kinda rinky-dink.  I guess I didn't consider that Florida's Fair, since it is off-season, has pretty much every fair vendor in the US in attendance.  To give you Floridians and idea, we were pretty much able to walk around the entire Utah fair in about 10 minutes.  Try imagining doing that in Florida...

So I'll start with one of my favorite things to get at the fair - ribbon fries.  A combo of my two favorite forms of potato - french fries and potato chips.  Plus, its fun to watch them slice up the potato right in front of you - yum!

And our family's favorite thing to get at the fair - deep fried oreos!  We were skeptical when we first heard of these back in Florida, but after trying them, we are definitely believers!  We found the one (yes only one) fried oreo vendor in the park, and got ourselves a helping!

These did not disappoint!  But, sadly, we had to leave shortly after this snack because of the rain.  Hopefully we'll make it to Florida sometime for the big event, and to get our fair food fix!

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  1. I love those potato things - They always have a booth at West Fest that has them & calls them spudzillas - YUM