Monday, September 24, 2012

A twist on spaghetti

We eat a lot of spaghetti in our house.  Mostly because we love it, and the kids will eat it.  But also because it is very economical!  We usually do just the standard tomato sauce with a side of garlic bread, but this time we mixed it up a bit.  Also, lucky for us, we get local bread from our community garden. We use this to make garlic or herb bread frequently to go along with our pastas.  YUM! 

What I used:

Whole wheat spaghetti
Diced tomatoes  - from our community garden
Diced roasted red peppers  - from a local small business
Diced mushrooms  
Capers - from a local small business
Diced Kalamata olives  - from a local small business
Olive oil - from a local small business
Lemon Juice

Bread - from a local bakery
Secret Herbs & Spices

Here's what I did:

While I was cooking the spaghetti, I heated up the oil in a big pan and threw in my garlic.  Once fragrant, I put in the mushrooms, and soon after the olives, capers, then peppers then tomatoes.   Once the spaghetti was finished, I tossed it with the veggies and added the lemon juice - and yum!

For the bread: just mix your herbs/garlic with butter, spread on the bread, and toast it up in the oven for 15 minutes or so.  I prefer mine wrapped in foil so its soft.  My husband likes his toasty, so we don't wrap his up.  Either way, its super delicious!

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