Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What is this Vegetable?

We usually get lots of delicious veggies and fruit from our garden.  Usually the normal stash includes a handful of the following: potatoes, squash, tomatoes, pears, peaches, cucumbers, peppers, onions, and sometimes if we're lucky, bread & bagels!

This week it was something different.  A weird green bulb with greens sprouting out from all sides.  I had no idea what it was, but always willing to try new things, I happily took one home.  Luckily my husband with the culinary arts degree could identify this weird piece of produce - Kohlrabi.  (I wish I'd taken a picture of it pre-cooked.  It is weird - google it!)

I used my Kohlrabi in two separate dishes.  One for the bulb, and one for the greens.  For our main dish, I simply combined the bulb with egg noodles and wow, this was good.

Here's what I used:

Kohlrabi Bulb - peeled and shredded -  from our community garden
Egg noodles

Here's what I did:

First I shredded up my kohlrabi bulb using my gator grater!  Make sure you remove the skin, I hear its really tough and bitter.  Next, melt your butter in a big pan.  I used a couple tablespoons.  Once the butter is melted, add your shredded kohlrabi and saute for 10 minutes or so.  You can be cooking your egg noodles while you are sauteing.  Next, add the egg noodles in, and top with pepper and paprika to your liking.  This is really simple, and believe me, it is really good.  Both my kids ate it up!

Our side dish of greens was only a little bit more difficult, but just as delicious.

Here's what I used:

Kohlrabi greens - stems & ribs removed  - from our community garden
Broccoli - one head chopped - from our community garden
Tomatoes - a couple romas, chopped - from our community garden
Anaheim pepper - finely diced - from our community garden
Pine nuts - toasted
Olive Oil - from a local small business
Lemon Juice
Salt & Pepper

Here's What I did:

To chop up my kohlrabi after removing the stems, I rolled the leaves up into little cigars, and then chopped them.  This makes them into nice little ribbons.  A handy trick I learned from my crafty husband.

While you are getting everything else all set up, you can toast your pine nuts on a back burner in a small pan. I usually just put my pan on a very low setting, throw in the nuts and let them toast up.  By the time I'm ready for them, they're pretty much done.

Heat olive oil in a pan and add your garlic & peppers and cook for 5 min or so.  Next, add your broccoli and tomatoes and cook for another 3-5 minutes.  Add your greens saute until wilted.  Toss in your toasted pine nuts and lemon juice and you're done!

Personally, I was amazed at how delicious both these meals turned out.  So much, in fact, that I was pretty disappointed when kohlrabi wasn't available the next week at the garden. Total bummer!

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