Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Zucchini & Squash Latkes

Yum!  I was actually trying to make fritters, but these turned out to be just as good.  My one year old daughter loved them, but unfortunately, my four year old wouldn't touch them.  As mentioned previously, she is very picky.

If you recall, I have a bunch of shredded squash to use up - and if that wasn't enough squash, I added some zucchini shreds as well, so yeah, there is a lot!

When I'm not baking I don't measure too accurately, so I apologize in advance for my imperfect recipe, but I'll describe as best I can what went into making these.

What I used:

3-4 cups shredded Zucchini & Squash
1/2 cup flour
2-3 tsp Baking Soda
1-2 tsp dill
1-1.5 Tbs minced onion (dried)
Salt & Pepper

What I did:

Mix everything except for the butter together in a large mixing bowl.  If it seems a little wet, add more flour.  The batter should somewhat stick together.

Heat a small-medium sized skillet to medium heat on the stove.  I didn't want the pan too hot since I usually have several things going on at once and don't want to risk them cooking too fast.  Throw a pad of butter in the pan, and then drop heaping spoonfuls of the squash mixture into the pan.  If they don't spread on their own, you can flatten them a bit with the back of your spoon.

Once they hold together and slide around pretty easily in the pan, they are ready to flip!  Here is what mine look like after I flipped.

Cook on the second side about as long as you did the first side.  Again, once they slide around pretty well in the pan, they are probably ready.  Here is my first complete batch.  (Go Gators!)

This batch made about a dozen or so latkes.  We ate a few while we were cooking, so they didn't all make this picture.  My one year old ate them up (as did my husband and I).  

We did have a couple leftover, which I heated up the following day for lunch and they were just as scrumptious!  I didn't add any sour cream or applesauce on the side, but it would have been a great addition.  Hope you enjoy!

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