Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Squash Brownies

More sweets today!  As you saw from our previous post, we had a TON of summer squash to use up, so in our search for recipes calling for shredded squash, we found another keeper on All Recipes.  Who would have guessed that these would be delicious?

Zucchini Brownies

For this one, we again, pretty much followed the recipe with the exception of using summer squash instead of zucchini.  Much to my daughter's dismay, however, we did not put frosting on top.  I did let her put chocolate chips in, so that was a good compromise.  

I will warn you, this batter does not look like brownie batter.  It is really dry and crumbly.  But don't worry, that's what its supposed to look like.  Here's a few shots of what you can expect to see in your mixer.


Post Squash

My happy mixer!

To get them into the pre-greased pan, we basically just dumped the crumbly 'batter' in, and pressed it into the pan.  It looked still looked really dry and crumbly.

Oh, and we still have a ton of squash left!  More squash recipes to come.

So after the brownies come out of the oven, they don't look much different than when they went in.  The top still looks dry and crumby, but trust me, they are done.  When you first take them out, they are a little spongy and really crumbly so definitely let them cool.

If you are not ok with the top being a little crispy, you should probably add the frosting, or even better, top with some ice cream prior to serving.  Personally, even though they are not pretty, I like them just how they are, and so do my girls.

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