Monday, August 13, 2012

On to the next thing...

Where have I been?  Its been less than a week, but you are starving for more Zucchini?  Well, forget about it!  I'm not posting about zucchini today.  Maybe later this week, if we are up to eating zucchini again, but today I've got something really special in store.  *Spoiler alert*  This post may change your life.  You may 1.  Loose all respect for me; or 2.  Find a new addiction and thus loose all respect for yourself;  Or, 3.  You may have the self control of a Buddhist monk, and the post may not affect you at all.

You are probably wondering what could possibly be so life altering and how have you not yet heard about it.  Well here it is my fine followers.   Feast your eyes upon this beauty of a treat:

Holy rusted metal, Batman!  

Ok, so I hear that if you use pintrest, you may already be aware of the infamous "Slutty brownie".  Me?  I don't use pintrest...  frankly I don't really get it, but that may just be me reaching that level of maturity where I don't understand new technology.  I also don't understand why Ryan Seacrest has a segment on the Olympics dedicated to Facebook & Twitter posts.  Does anyone really sit around and wonder how many people tweet about Michael Phelps?  Instead, you could be sitting around eating the total amount of calories Michael Phelps consumes in one day in one, efficient and delicious serving!

So as mentioned above, this post is about "Slutty Brownies".  I found these on the internet when looking for a new recipe for regular brownies.  If you weren't already convinced by my picture, let me give you a description.  These consist of a layer of chewy delicious chocolate chip cookie dough: 

Followed by a layer of everyone's favorite gay cookie, the Oreo:

And, finally, topped with a layer of super chocolaty, regular brownies.

When I first discovered these, so many things were going through my mind.  Who thought this was a good idea?  That can't possibly be good idea...  What kind of mother would serve these to her children?  No wonder we have so many obese Americans...  I need to go to the store to by Oreos.

Obviously, we made these.  And yes, they are so good.  Not in a decadent chocolate mousse souffle kinda way.  But more in a Taco Town Taco kind of way.  In all seriousness (as serious as this can get) I did make them with my kids, who really loved the multi-step process.  

Melting the butter
Measuring something yummy

Give it a good stir!

Adding the eggs

Adding the dry goods
Finishing up the cookie dough

 And they also really enjoyed eating them.

I'm not posting a recipe, because I don't necessarily want to recommend these.  I'm still not sure how morally feel about them.  But if you are like me and you want to give them a fair chance, there are lots of variations of these out there if you want to make your own - just search for "slutty brownies" and you are on your way.  But remember, in the interest of your own health, and America's obesity epidemic, I don't recommend making these very often.  After all, its not really fair to all the regular brownies.  


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